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Hydra (Guild)
Hydra Run (Guild)
Entry item: Ice Ticket (Guild) x1
Cooldown: 8 hour
Group: Guild Needeed
Level restrictions: Lv90 to Lv105
Strong: Strong vs Ice
Resistances: Res. vs Ice

Task 1: You have 5 Minutes to defeat 5 rounds of monsters, for each round you don't finish the mast will lose 10 HP!You also need to defeat one of the hydras head to go to the next stage.

Task 2: You have 7 Minutes to defeat 4x 'Metin of Illumination' for each metin stone you don't destroy, the mast will lose 20 HP!
Tip: You can also repair the mast by destroying the 'Repair Wood'. Each 'Repair Wood' repairs 5% of the mast.

Task 3: Defeat the two mini-bosses, after defeating them the last Hydra head will spawn!