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Shakma Run
Shakma Run (Guild)
Entry item: Earth Ticket (Guild) x1
Cooldown: 8 hour
Group: Guild Needeed
Level restrictions: Lv75 to Lv105
Strong: Strong vs Earth
Resistances: Res. vs Earth

Task 1: Destroy the three metin stones, only certain races can deal damage to certain metin stones.
Task 2: Destroy the 4 Shakma Statues in the dungeon, each race has a statue.
* Round 1: Destroy monsters until you drop the key to unlock the statue.
* Round 2: Destroy metinstones until you drop the key to unlock the statue.
* Round 3: Open the four seals, each boss that spawns in the metin will drop a "Banana"
* Round 4: Defeat the King Wubba
Task 3: Defeat the Shakma Boss
* Round 1: Each metin will spawn a mini-boss.
* Round 2: Each 25% the statue will spawn a mini-boss.
* Round 3: Defeat the Shakma BossAfter defeating the boss it will spawn a Shakma G. - Chest that contains your drops