Some systems are outdated, and are being updated!
The Sphinx
The Sphinx's Pyramids
Entry item: Passage Ticket Sphinx x1
Cooldown: 4 hours
Group: No group needed
Level restrictions: Lv115 to Lv115
Strong: Strong vs Wind, Undead
Resistances: Res. vs Wind

Stage 1 - Destroy the metin stone within 5 minutes!
Stage 2 - Kill monsters to collect Ancient Scrolls, drag it to the Ancient Seal to decipher it.
Stage 3 - Destroy the correct metin stone!
Stage 4 - Find the real portals! Through them is the path to the to the mini boss!
Stage 5 - Destroy all the Effigy of Anubis. Destroy monsters and metin stones!
Stage 6 - Destroy the pillars to summon the final boss. Catch the both keys!
* A pillar will spawn 2 minutes after the boss spawns, make sure to destroy it! Otherwise you will fail the dungeon.