Some systems are outdated, and are being updated!
Catch the King Event

You can play the game by clicking in the Event Button and then choosing the 'Catch the King Event' option

You can drop King Card from all monsters but there should not be a difference of more than +/- 15 levels between you and the monster.

After you collect 25x King Card you receive a King Deck

Aim of the Game
If you want to start the game, you need 1x King Deck and 30.000 Yang (30k)

Reveal as many cards as possible and collect points. Catch the king in one go on the very last move to pick up 100 points at once. If you earn at least 10 points, you can redeem a prize at the end of the game.

How to Play

* You always start with the lowest card. An arrow indicates which card can be selected.
* By clicking on the card it will appear in the 'My Card' slot. In subsequent turns, cards of the same value will be moved automatically.
* Turn over any face-down card on the game board and compare it to your own.
* If your card is greater, you will receive points equal to the value of the revealed card and you can turn over another card on the board.
* If the cards are the same value, you receive the points and your turn is over. Play continues with a new card from your deck.
* If your card's value is lower, you don't receive any points. Your turn is over and play continues with a new card.
* If your card is a 5 and there is a face-down 5 neighbouring the card you reveal, your card will be captured. Your turn is over and you don't receive any points.
* If your card is the king (K) and you catch the king on the board in exactly one move, you receive 100 points. The game ends after this move.
* Bingo! If you reveal all cards in a row, you receive 10 extra points.
* If you've earned at least 10 points, you can collect your prize by clicking on 'Your Reward'.

Cards & Points

Cards with the value 1 capture: 1
Cards with the value 2 capture: 1, 2
Cards with the value 3 capture: 1, 2, 3
Cards with the value 4 capture: 1, 2, 3, 4
Cards with the value 5 capture: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Cards with the value K capture: K

Revealed card is 1: +10 points
Revealed card is 2: +20 points
Revealed card is 3: +30 points
Revealed card is 4: +40 points
Revealed card is 5: +50 points
Revealed card is K: +100 points
Revealing all cards in a row: +10 points


For each deck of cards played, the chests are received according to the score as follows:
Get between 10 and 399 points and receive: Bronze King's Loot
Get between 400 and 549 points and receive: Silver King's Loot
Get between 550 and 740 points and receive: Golden King's Loot