Some systems are outdated, and are being updated!
Daily Events
Icon Event Start Time End Time Description
Okey Card Event Monday 20:00:00 Monday 23:59:59 Click here: Okey Event Explanation duration: 6h
Reset Dungeon Timer Tuesday 18:00:00 Wednesday 19:00:00 You can reset a dungeon timer of your choice every 6 hours, duration: 24h
+10% probability of Extra Stage in dungeons Wednesday 18:00:00 Thursday 19:00:00 You get +10% probability of getting a extra Stage in dungeons that have an extra stage
Pet & Mount Rings Thursday 18:00:00 Thursday 23:59:59 Metins have a probability to drop the following rings: Ring of joy, Ruby Ring, Onyx Ring, Emerald Ring
Catch the King Event Friday 18:00:00 Friday 23:59:59 Click here: Catch King Event Explanation duration: 6h
Hexagonal Treasure Chest Event Saturday 18:00:00 Saturday 23:00:00 You drop Hexagonal Treasure from the monsters check chest drop here: Drops
Exp Rate Event Saturday 20:00:00 Saturday 23:59:59 You gain +30% more experience during 4 hours
Moonlight Treasure Chest Event Sunday 18:00:00 Sunday 23:00:00 You drop Moonlight Treasure from the monsters check chest drop here: Drops