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Daily Events
Event Start Time End Time Description
Ring of Joy Event Monday [18:00h] Monday [23:59h] You can drop ring of joys in the metinstones. The ring of joys have a duration of 3 Days.
Pet & Mount Rings Tuesday [18:00h] Tuesday [23:59h] You can drop Pet & Mount Rings in the metinstones. The rings have a duration of 3 Days.
Reset Dungeon Timer Wednesday [01:00h] Thursday [01:00h] You can reset a dungeon every 6 Hours in the event npc either 'Cherie' or 'Fasting Citizen'
10% probability of Extra Stage in dungeons. Thursday [01:00h] Friday [01:00h] There is now a +10% probability of an Extra Stage on the dungeons: Baroness, Azrael, Beran-Setaou, Nemere, Razador
Fish Event Friday [19:00h] Friday [23:59h] You can deliver fishes to the 'Fisherman' every 15x Fishes you can receive 1x Mysterious Chest
Protect your empire Saturday [21:30h] - Protect your empire by defending your kingdom metin. talk with the 'battle bailiff' to enter the arena.
Drop Rate Sunday [01:00h] Monday [01:00h] +15% Drop Rate