Some systems are outdated, and are being updated!
Fish Extra
Grilled Mandarin Fish+10% to +15% Experience-bonus
Grilled Large ZanderRestores +750 HP
Grilled Carp+3% to +5% Slow Chance
Grilled Salmon+5% to +8% of Chance of a Critical strike
Grilled Grass Carp+1000 to +2000 HP
Grilled Brook Trout+10% to +15% of Attack Speed
Grilled Eel+5& to +8% of Chance of a piercing strike
Grilled Rainbow Trout+3% to +5% Strong against Half-Human
Grilled River Trout+10% to +15% Drop-bonus
Grilled Rudd+3% to +5% Resistance against Monsters
Grilled PerchRemoves debuffs
Grilled Tenchi+6 to +12 Int
Grilled Catfish+3% to +5% Strong againt Metins
Grilled Loach+6 to +12 Vit
Grilled Lotus Fish+6 to +12 Dex
Grilled Sweetfish+10% to +15% Gold-bonus
Grilled Smelt+3% to +5% Strong against Monsters
Grilled Shiri+6 to +12 Str
Grilled Mirror Carp+10 to +30 Attack Value
Grilled Goldfish+1% to +3% Strong against Bosses