Some systems are outdated, and are being updated!
Pet System
General Information
The pet system can be used without any level restrictions.
A pet can only be called if its level does not exceed the level of the owner.
The pet overview can be opened with:
The "p" key
By clicking on the PET UI that's located on the bottom left corner by default
By clicking in the button in the systems tab

There is 5 PVM pets available in Nexus2:
PVM Pets Egg
Mini MonkeyMonkey Egg
DragonetteBlue Dragon Egg
Mini RazadorRazador's Egg
Baby BaashidoBaby Baashido's Egg
Fat Mini ExecutorFat Mini Executor Egg

There is 5 PVP pets available in Nexus2:

PVP Pets Egg
Mini SpiderSpider Egg
Mini AzraelMini Azrael's Egg
Mini NemereNemere's Egg
Mini MeleyRed Dragon Egg
NessieNessie Egg
Pet Names
When you click with the right mouse button on an Egg, a new window will open called "Incubator" where you can choose your pet name.
This process as a cost of 100.000 Yang and it permits the pet to have an individual name (4-20 characters).
The name of the pet will be saved in case you want to open another egg or a bunch of them.
The name of your pet can be changed later if you want, using the Pet Name Scroll

If the name that you choose for the pet is too small (less than 4 characters), it will be displayed a message in the chat.
if the player doesn't have enough yang, it will be displayed a message in the chat.
The name of the pets are not unique, so it's possible for you and other players to choose a name that already exists.
The game rules regarding character nicks also apply to the pet nicks.
Pet Duration
Pet duration can be consulted in the yellow bar visible on pet interface, or on mouse over on the pet seal (Bottom left corner by default)
Pet duration is random and is set when hatching the pet.
Pet duration cannot be increased, it can however be refilled by feeding the pet a pet egg , a pet already hatched or Protein Snack
Normal pets duration is from 1 to 14 days.
If the pet ends up dying the only way to revive it is by feeding the pet Protein Snack
Leveling and EXP
Pet can reach the same level as the player, to a maximum of 105 at the moment.
If the pet is higher level than the player it cannot be activated but it can be kept on inventory anyway.
Each time the pet reaches a certain point of exp (22.5, 45, 67.5, 90% and 100%) you will see an effect, similar to when players are leveling.
On each level you are required to fill 4 red balls, 90%, by killing mobs, and the final blue ball, by sacrificing items or feeding the following items: Pet Food (L) , Pet Food (M) , Pet Food (B) , Pet Food (XL) , this items are available in the Stable Boy
The ammount of Item EXP obtained from each item varies according to the NPC price of each item.
You can fill the blue balls before the red are complete, exceding Item EXP will be stored for the next level.
Pet needs to be active to collect EXP from the mobs it's owner is killing.
Stages and evolving

While leveling your pet, at certain key points the pet can evolve to a different stage, the requirements are as follow:
Young1-40No requirements - all freshly hatched eggs
Wild41-6010x Young Pet Book
Valiant61-8010x Wild Pet Book
Heroic81+10x Valiant Pet Book
Stats and Slots progression
When you hatch the pet egg, it will come witth a % of hp between 0.1 and 3%.
In Nexus2 your pet can level the stats between 0.1% and 0.5% each 5 Levels.The constant will automatically show, when you hatch the pet egg.
The Slots that your level can get are also random beetween 1 and 3 Slots.The slots number will automatically show when you hatch the pet egg.
Each 20 Levels (40/60/80) on the pet it opens a slot:
if your pet only has 1 slot it will only open one slot at level 40
if your pet has 2 slots it will open one slot at level 40 and another at level 60
if your pet has 3 slots it will open one slot at level 40 one at level 60 and another at level 80
Pet scale
Your pet will scale according to how much %HP it has.
Example of escalation:
Pet Skills
Pet skils are unlock on the first stage, the number of skills unlocked is set upon hatching of the egg and can be 1, 2 or 3 skills.
Passive skills are always present and it's effect is displayed on top left corner with an icon.
You can choose the pet skills by reading the wiched Pet Skill Book.
You can get the Skill Books for pet by opening Pet Book Chest
Other information
Pet doesn't have HP, SP or any stat values, it only gives percentages.
You can only negociate/trade your pet using a Transport Box